At International Liquor and Tobacco Trading N.V., we believe the products we sell can enhance many life experiences. We also have a profound understanding of the consequences of the misuse and abuse of alcohol and tobacco. As a responsible corporate citizen, it’s our commitment to the community to encourage our customers to enjoy our products in a responsible manner.


Age Matters: Our promise is not only to provide superior customer service, but also to provide responsible service. Our policy is simple: We don’t sell to minors. We understand the consequences that selling and serving alcohol to minors can have on our community.


Alcohol in moderation can be an enjoyable part of a balanced lifestyle, but it is important to note that sometimes drinking can put you at unnecessary risk and seriously affect your safety. It is best not to drink if you plan to drive, operate heavy machinery, are pregnant or doing anything that requires concentration or coordination.


Our sales and promotion staff is trained and focused to promote responsible consumption during events. Health and responsible drinking messages are incorporated in our artwork and advertising and a significant budget is spent annually to spread the message island wide.


For more information regarding the responsible consumption of alcohol we recommend you visits the following website:

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